Off The Record

Yesterday, mom got her cast off. She’s now in what we tend to call a “robo-boot” in this house. She’s complained more about the pain and discomfort with the boot than she did with the cast. (Actually, during the time she had the cast, she said that her foot, ankle, and leg were not hurting anymore.) She said something about how the boot feels like it is one size too small, so it may just be that it isn’t big enough for her leg. I guess that they don’t want to put one that’s too loose because then it won’t heal properly.

Mom said that she is still supposed to stay off her leg for at least another 3 weeks. She’ll be seeing the orthopedist shortly before the end of the year. She’ll find out then if she’ll get to walk around again before the New Year.

One thing that was quite interesting from the visit was that the orthopedist said that the orthopedist that had done the previous two surgeries on the ankle, aka the one that she was assigned to at the hospital on the day that she broke it, had probably missed that chunk of bone that this one found before the surgery. He said he couldn’t be certain that he’d missed it, which we kind of took to mean that it would either open the entire practice (they’re in the same one) up to a greater liability or that he didn’t want to just blame it on the other doctor without knowing for certain. The first surgeon is the one who didn’t want to do the first surgery, tried multiple times to tell my mom that she was going to lose her foot anyway because of her diabetes, seemed shocked when she still had her foot several months later, and had to redo his first surgery because he hadn’t actually done it properly in the first place. Basically, he left it in a somewhat broken state then because he thought they were going to have to amputate it anyway, so he didn’t want to waste his time and talent on something that wasn’t going to be there in a few months. He’s also the doctor who sent her home from the hospital the day she first broke the ankle and told her that she couldn’t have the surgery until the next week, but that she had to stay off of her ankle. This led to bedpan duty for me, and the first of many calls to HEMSI to help get mom either to the hospital or help her get up. (This was also one of the many calls that resulted in at least one EMT/Paramedic being a jackass to her and to us.) Do I sound like I don’t like that first doctor? It’s probably because I don’t.

According to some other folks around here, the same doctor has been somewhat negligent in surgeries and care that he’s done for them. It seems like he’s either lost his doctor mojo or he just doesn’t care about his patients. Whatever it is, he needs to get his act together or quit. He’s going to mess up the wrong person’s surgery one of these days and he won’t be able to come back from that.

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