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I’ve been a fan of Christina Aguilera’s for as long as I can remember, but as a fan, I can honestly say that I get sick of her attitude. She has this tendency to tear down other people or make their actions all about her. It’s a bit disgusting, honestly. This season (and last season, for that matter) on The Voice has been a prime example of that.

It isn’t just because of her tendency to be negative towards one or two artists on that show. Even when she’s positive towards the contestants, she comes off as inconsiderate. Whenever her team (and when some other contestants) would perform, she would make sure to mention her (at that point) upcoming album. Yeah, I get that she needed to sell her album, but it isn’t really appropriate to use another person’s performance solely as a platform to promote your own career. But that is almost all she does, when she isn’t being a supremo-bitch. (And, stans, I’m not calling her a bitch because she’s a woman. I’m calling her a bitch because she’s a bitch.)

She doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of the competition…at all. Last season, she picked Chris Mann. Yes, he was super-talented, but he was no greater than Jesse Campbell who was eliminated by Christina early on. And this season, she stuck with Dez, who didn’t prove himself until right before he was eliminated, over De’Borah–an artist who proved herself every single time she stepped on the stage. Her final artists, every year, don’t get as many votes at the end of the competition because they don’t appeal to the public enough to get the votes. Yes, they have some level of talent, but that doesn’t give them the kind of appeal that is required to win the competition.

The big issue with Christina is her negativity. It’s an almost constant part of her character these days. She is a prime example of a passive-aggressive personality. Her insults, cruelty, and fake concern for contestants have had a bigger presence on the show than her boobs, bad makeup, and wigs.

For a while there, she seemed to be anti-Trevin. He wasn’t doing the music that she wanted to hear, so his performances weren’t worth her time. She’s made quips about Amanda Brown, past winners, and past contestants–all of whom are undeserving of hate and disrespect. It almost seems like she has this hatred for anyone who might be talented enough to be competition for her on iTunes. Anyone whose success challenges her in some way gets snubbed. That isn’t the kind of behavior you expect from an almost 32 year old mother. It’s the kind of behavior you expect on a playground at an elementary school.

Telling Melanie Martinez off last night for not looking at her during the critique was even more evidence that Christina is just plain rude. I understand why people say that Melanie should have been looking at her, but I understand why Melanie might not want to look at this talented diva. Christina is intimidating. No, strike that. Christina is a bully. Christina has been disrespectful towards Melanie for weeks now. If someone had been so rude to me for weeks on national television, I wouldn’t want to look them in the eye. I would be looking everywhere else, either to keep from breaking down and sobbing or to keep from lunging at the person for being such a spoiled brat. Christina has used her past as a witness to domestic violence to promote her career, and now she sometimes seems to be using techniques that she probably learned from her father to tear down others. Quite frankly, that disgusts me.

Christina is not perfect, and I don’t expect her to be so. I do expect her to act like a decent human being. Drama may help with the show’s ratings and it might even help with her album sales, though it doesn’t seem to be doing so this time, but it doesn’t help how people view her and it doesn’t help the people that she leaves in her wake. Christina needs to own up to her bullying. She needs to stop it. Basically, she needs to start being the grown up that she wants everyone to believe she is.


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  • Cori

    I’m never really been a fan of her music (just not to my taste), but I try not to let that influence my opinion of someone. I’ve tuned in to The Voice a few times, and I was just really off put by her attitude. She’s just so diva, and it’s so obnoxious. I thought maybe I was just being influenced by my opinions of her music, but I’ve tried watching many times and each time I just have to change the channel because of some remark she makes or some snotty thing she does. Seriously, it’s very annoying.

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