In the Meantime

My dad didn’t go to jail for missing the court appearance. The judge said he has to come in this Friday or they will issue a warrant for him. Finding out that he wouldn’t go to jail was a huge relief. Of course, that was the same day that he also found out what they believe is wrong with his skin.

The rash that has been pretty bad for about seven or eight months now is apparently psoriasis. He has to see a dermatologist, but the first appointment that they could get him in for is sometime in March. Apparently, they’re not all that worried about it. I guess they aren’t the ones with the itchy skin–or the ones who have to live with someone with itchy skin.

My wait to see the hematologist has been extended. After getting the blood work done for my anemia, I received a call saying that neither hematologist that works in the unit I go to at the cancer treatment place will be in until a week after my original follow-up. I thought it was weird that I have to see the hematologist this time because on the day I had the infusion done, the hematologist’s nurse practitioner said that when it comes to reading the results and telling me about if I need another infusion or not, I could just see her. It makes me wonder if that means that they think something else is going on, want to schedule some different types of tests (i.e. bone marrow tests, which are done on severe anemia patients) or if they have to talk to me about a type of non-infusion treatments. It could be nothing, but the worry-wort in me is going to worry until I know for sure.

It doesn’t help my anxiety that my blood pressure is almost always high now and my pulse is even faster. My blood pressure earlier today was 113 over 98, which puts my pulse pressure at 15. That’s too low and means my heart isn’t doing so well. My pulse has been higher at rest than it usually is, and the other day when I closed the front door & locked it, my pulse shot up to the 150’s. So that isn’t good either.

I’ve also had more of my weird indoor sunburns recently, too. Yesterday morning, mom turned on a lamp for about five or ten minutes. I still have a rash from that limited exposure–over 24 hours later. I get to go to the great and wonderful Walmart later today, and I dread the rash that that will cause. (Walmart has been causing indoor sunburns on me for a long time now.)

Not much else is going on, which is a good thing.


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