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Something very, very unusual happened less than 10 hours ago. I got my hair chopped off. Most people do that sort of thing on a regular basis. I haven’t had a haircut since around the time I had my sinuses roto-rootered. I actually got one this time for the same reason I had last time–a few big tangles/mats.

I haven’t had the energy to brush my hair for over a month. I would brush the very top of it when I would have to go out so that the quick-bun that I would do wouldn’t look too horrible. Most days I would just walk around with it up in a similar fake bun. My mom and I had tried to work the mats and the tangles out, but it was too much for us. It was almost too much for Rhonda, the friend of the family that does our hair.

She was going to wash it, deep condition it, then cut and style it. Instead, she had to chop off some of the big tangles at the bottom, then wash it. Then it was deep conditioned for 10 minutes before it was combed out, cut and styled. Actually, the second round of cutting and combing out of the hair took around an hour.

Rhonda wanted to do a bob, but the tangles and mats were so extensive that it ended up in kind of pixie-style. It actually looks cute, and I think it makes my eyes look better. That was the main thing I noticed.

Of course now I keep reaching up to touch my hair and having a bit of a panic attack because it’s gone. That’s part of why I’m so opposed to having my hair cut more than once every few years. I’ll get used to it. Actually, I’ll probably get used to right before it grows out of the pixie cut stage, since my hair grows so fast. (Rhonda said she thinks that I put Miracle-Gro in my hair because it grows out so quickly.)

In case you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Tumblr and you’re curious, this how it looks now:

my new haircut

And if you’re from the Huntsville area and want to get your hair cut, go to Our Place for Style.

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      When I said I didn’t have the energy, I meant that my arms have been too weak to brush my hair. Every time I would try, I would have to stop fairly quickly.

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