A Kick In The Teeth 1

A few weeks ago, I went to Birmingham to get my teeth checked out at the UAB School of Dentistry. They said, among other things, that I had a cavity and a lesion in part of a tooth that had already had a root canal and crown done on it. Well, I think it may be getting worse. Lately, that side of my mouth has been really sore and really warm. Tonight, I’m even running a fever, that part of my gum is really warm, and, the really gross part, my mouth smells like infection.

I guess this means that I need to make an appointment to have the work done on it, but I really am dreading all that. Besides, it will take two hours to get there and another to come back, and my mom is not going to be able to walk around for another two and a half months. She still needs my dad and me to get her stuff and do things for her. I also don’t have the money to take care of the appointment, so I don’t know what to do.

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  • Jenn

    I really hope that you’re able to find a way to get your teeth looked at and the infection cleared up. Maybe, if you can’t afford the cost/time involved with all of the dental work, at the very least go in for a thorough cleaning and antibiotics to clear out the infection?

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