Don’t Go There

My dad said something to me, right after I had woken up, about how he “wasn’t much for end of the world talk” but he thought that Romney was looking a lot like the “Prince of Lies”. I asked him to not go there, even though I knew he was joking. I understand not liking Romney and thinking he’s a liar, because I feel those things about him. I don’t want to compare him to religious archetypes and say that if he’s elected that Armageddon could begin. I don’t like that kind of thought path.

I, personally, can’t handle conspiracy and apocalyptic theories like that, so I asked my dad to please not continue with that line of thought. If he thinks it, then that’s on him. I just don’t want to be the person thinking it. I don’t want to drive myself nuts over something ridiculous like that.

In 2008, people were saying that Obama was the Antichrist. Some people still do. And that suggestion made me nervous. Things like that become things that I obsess over and become paranoid about. Things like that make me more stressed out and make it harder for me to control some of my other mental health issues.

I know that I’m not alone when it comes to this kind of issue. Religious delusions and paranoia are common in some people who have psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. My mom has had issues with psychosis and paranoia related to religion. She and I had a talk after the Obama-Antichrist issue, and she understood where I was coming from when I told her how that one little theory had caused me to feel so stressed.

I hope that other people who have this issue are able to speak up to anyone who starts down the “that politician will bring on the end of the world” religious path. I worry about them if they don’t. Most of the time I don’t like actually telling another person what they should and shouldn’t say, but this is a case where I think it’s pretty important that I speak up. This isn’t a simple thing where I just don’t like that kind of discussion. (I like discussing religion usually.) This is a very complex issue that I have realized could cause some serious problems, not only for me personally but for others out there that are like me.

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