Mom’s surgery was this past Thursday. The orthopedist told us that we shouldn’t be surprised if it took over two hours to do, since he was basically rebuilding her ankle. His nurse also told us that she might be in too much pain to go home until sometime Friday.  Well, it took right at one hour to do the surgery, and she was sent home about 2 hours after she headed to recovery. It was one of the fastest surgical discharges I’ve ever seen.

Of course, we didn’t get to go straight home. Because mom has to stay off her ankle completely for between 6 and 10 weeks, we had to figure out a way for her to get in the house. The orthopedist had written a prescription for a knee caddie for her, but because the highest weight they “can handle” is 300 and she weighed in at 301, the medical supply services wouldn’t rent one. Dad ended up having to go into Home Depot, while mom and I waited in the 86°F heat. He got 2 pieces of pine and some other stuff  to make a makeshift ramp so he could get her electric wheelchair out the front door and use it to get her in the house easier. Of course, the assembly ended up taking about an hour, so it was about 2 and a half hours after the discharge before we were able to get into our house.

So far she’s doing well. She’s had a very, very low grade fever–meaning her temperature is high for her, but it isn’t high by the doctor’s standards. She had an upper respiratory thing going on before the surgery, so she thinks it may have turned into bronchitis. We’re keeping an eye on her. Other than that, though, she is doing really well.

She’s also been a lot nicer since this surgery, compared to the other ankle surgeries. Of course, that may be because she’s not in the foggy-whiny state she was in before this past April’s two-week stint in the hospital.

Mom has to go back to see the orthopedist exactly 2 weeks after her surgery date. She’ll find out how she’s healing and if the walking date will be sooner or later than about 10 weeks. He’d mentioned 6 weeks to her before, but he’d also said it could be over 3 months. I guess we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that it will be less time.

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