The Ridiculous Religious Freedom Rallies

Today was a day of many so-called “Rally for Religious Freedom” rallies across the country. With a name like that, you might expect an oppressed group to be the ones leading the rally. Well, if you were expecting that, you’d be wrong. No, this was a day for the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants to protest how they’ve been held back by the big scary black man. This was a day of people who have never truly been kept from expressing their beliefs or from having real freedoms in the country to complain and to whine because evil liberals are making them miserable.

Cry me a river.

According to a Huntsville rally supporter by the name of Janiss Graves, “A lot of things that we are doing that we are declaring as constitutional, are not constitutional, abortion being one of them and mandating that people buy health coverage that goes against what we believe in.” How is that impeding their religious freedom? Where in the First Amendment, which is where the whole religious freedom thing originates, does it say that your religion is being oppressed if abortions happen or if people have to have health care coverage? I can’t see it in any of these words:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I didn’t see it, but maybe I have on a pair of liberal glasses, where the lenses are all fuzzy whenever rights are being discussed. Oh, but I do notice something that completely negates their argument of religious oppression. They believe that it is against their religion to have to do what the government says and that they are being oppressed because of that. Well, in the first Amendment also guarantees them the opportunity to hold stupid ass rallies like this (“the right of the people to peaceably assemble”) and to complain about their oppressors (“freedom of speech”) and rally to vote against the (“to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”) to a reporter and have that complaint aired on television (“of the press”). Yeah, they’re so oppressed.

Roy Moore, who can always be counted on for moments of true dumbfuckery, stated, “I’m not here as a politician. I’m not here as a religious leader. I’m not a minister. I have been a judge, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the Constitution has something in it about following the laws. You know, like how the legislature has the ability to pass laws for people to follow and the judicial can interpret them, uphold them and strike them down if they violate the Constitution. That means that when a federal judge tells someone (Moore) that they need to follow the laws and not break into a building to put a religious statue in it (which establishes a specific religion as being the religion of the people) and to remove it, that the judge is actually applying their rights under the Constitution to give that law-breaking someone a legal smackdown. That’s to prevent abuses of power, i.e. what Moore did.

Moore justified his hatred of taxes and the government with, “When Jesus said to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the thing that are God’s, he defined for the first time in history, limitations, on the federal government, the government, on Caesar.” The funny thing about that is that, that religious quote actually means that you pay your taxes to the government (render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s) and your praise to your God. It isn’t placing a limit on you having to pay taxes or on the government’s ability to tell you what to do. In Romans, Paul also told people to pay their taxes and respect the government. I guess that Mr. Moore missed those verses in Sunday School.

Moore continued with his enlightenment with “we wonder why we’re suffering economically, why we’re suffering economically, why we’re suffering the moral decay, and now they want to take away that natural union between a man and woman that’s called family.” Yeah, the economy sucks all around the world because gay people want to marry. I guess that the last outbreak of gay people wanting to marry happened in 1929. I bet that the whole reason that Great Britain had to levy taxes against the colonies hundreds of years ago was due to all those gays wanting to marry. I bet every historical economic issue is all the fault of the gays. Why doesn’t Moore just go join Westboro Baptist Church? He would fit in great with them.

What he’s suggesting is that the government mandate the Evangelical and Conservative Christian belief that marriages between the same sex are the only ones to be allowed. That mandate would actually violate the First Amendment by establishing laws must be based solely on the beliefs of one segment of one religion. That could turn this democratic republic into a virtual theocracy. That definitely is not what this nation’s founders had in mind when this country started.

According to the overly self-righteous Mr. Moore, the right to the life of an unborn child is secured by the Constitution. Of course, getting the child born is secured by the Constitution. Keeping the child alive once it exists in this world is totally on that child’s parents, though. “When they pretended to give the right of choice to that woman, they took away the right of life to that child.” When they pretended to care about the life of child, then they turn around and say that they don’t support health care for that child, they show themselves to be hypocrites.

Huntsville Right to Life founder Kelly Manley explains why she organized the Huntsville rally, “We must send the federal government a clear message that the faith-based institutions and even private businesses affected by federal law and agency rules should not be forced to violate religious beliefs and personal consciences. We’re standing up for the First Amendment and demanding that all our laws, including Obamacare, respect religious freedom.”

I’m still not getting how Obamacare is messing with religious freedom or violating the religious beliefs of these God-loving people. Is it because of the provision for women’s health care? You know, the part that makes birth control pills cheaper or helps women go through cancer screenings without having to mortgage their homes to pay for it. I don’t know how any of that violates their freedom. I don’t think that the law has anything in it that says, “Hey, your religion is opposed to birth control pills, but I’m going to make you take them anyway because I’m a big bad law from politicians that want to oppress you.” I just don’t see how this one law or how the taxes they so hate actually violate their rights.

Quakers don’t believe in war, but I didn’t see these groups banding together to help support the Quakers in their refusal to pay taxes to fund the War in Iraq. Jehovah’s Witness members are forbidden from using blood products, but the Right to Life/religious freedom folks aren’t talking about the blood products that are covered under Obamacare. The FDA regulates the safety of American food, including pork, shellfish, coffee, tea, non-Kosher cheese, beef, wine, onions, garlic, scallions, chives, leeks, butter, eggs, honey, figs, fish, lettuce, cabbage, and butter beans. These groups don’t stand up for the violation of the rights of Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Seventh-Day Adventists, Rastafarians, Jains, Hindus, Buddhists, and Bahá’í because they have to pay taxes that go to the regulation of those food products. No, they just stand up for it when it comes to sexuality and abortion because that’s against their personal moral code.

I have something to say about that: suck it up and pay your taxes. You know the story of the boy who cried wolf? You know how every time, he lied and the people believed him, but then when he was telling the truth, they didn’t. This is just like that. You can’t say that your religious freedoms are being violated when they’re not. Churches flourish in this country. They’re not kept from being built, unlike the “World Trade Center Mosque”. Christians aren’t persecuted for being Christians, unlike the Sikh shooting, where the people were shot for being a different race and a different religion. So, whiny Christians, you should know that your religious freedom is not being violated. But by acting so sanctimonious about this whole thing, you might actually be stepping on the freedoms of other groups of people. By pretending that your rights are more important, you are bullying these other religions. That should be going against your own personal beliefs, shouldn’t it? As for your obsession with the state of my (and every other woman’s) uterus, vagina, and other “girly parts”, you need to back away from that. I don’t tell you what decisions you make when you see your doctor. I don’t tell you what to do with your body, so I expect the same respect when it comes to mine. You don’t get to make the choices of what goes on with that area of my body until you actually have to take care of that area of my body. And you definitely don’t get to impose your religious beliefs on my body.

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