Review: Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #14)Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have given up on the idea that the Anita Blake books will get any better or any different. How many times will Hamilton continue to write the same story over-and-over? How many times will she copy and paste entire paragraphs multiple times within one book?

Her creativity on the first few books of the series has not carried over. Instead, she’s become so predictable that you know within a few minutes who Anita will be killing at the end and who she will be having sex with throughout the novel. If a character is male, she will do him. It doesn’t matter if he’s into girls or not. For some strange reason, everyone just has to have sex with Anita. These stories are basically adult Mary Sue stories.

And the sex scenes within the books, which are more common than any other kind of scenes, are even predictable. It is so predictable and repetitive that it is boring beyond belief. I had to stop and start this book so many times because it was just not good. I wish that Ms. Hamilton would at least start trying to write a decent novel. Half the time I’m reading these books, I’m hoping that the big bad monsters will just kill the main characters because that would make them more interesting.

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