While You Were Out

While we were staying at Nana’s house, mom fell out the back door. She hurt her left ankle. Well, hurt is kind of putting it easy. It dislocated and fractured it again, as well as bending the hardware. The orthopedist wasn’t really sure if he should do surgery on it again until he found out that she’s been in constant pain since the fall. So she went through various tests to see what they would have to do and what needed to be fixed. Yesterday, she found out when she will be having surgery and what kind of procedure she will be having.

Her surgery will be done on the 25th of this month. She’s having syndesmotic repair & deltoid ligament reconstruction. She will have to stay off of it completely for 3 months. This means I will be going back into my traditional role of servitude that I take on when she’s had surgery.

This will keep us from celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with Nana until after the New Year begins. That’s okay. It’ll just be us getting together and checking in. I have no illusions that this will be some super-fun holiday season when everyone gets together and does stuff with one another. We don’t really have anyone to do that with anymore. I don’t know that we ever truly had a truly functional family. If anything, I’m starting to realize just how messed up my family really is.

You know what’s weird. I’m already mad at certain family members because I know that they won’t be calling after surgery to check in on my mom. They won’t be visiting her when she’s at the hospital. Mom nearly died in April and the only reason her only sister called was that Nana finally got it across to her that mom nearly died. And she only called once. She didn’t call to talk to mom once she was out of the hospital. I guess that would have been too much to expect. (She only contacted mom after a different hospital visit a year ago after I contacted her on Facebook and told her just how despicable it was to ignore her sick sister.)

Anyway, I hope that this surgery fixes mom’s ankle. And I hope she makes it through surgery with no complications and that she recovers.

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