A Tale of Two Debates

Last week, I got to read post after post by conservative friends applauding Mitt for letting Obama have it. Romney was applauded for only using facts–facts that were later proven to be false. Romney was lauded for interrupting because he stayed on message. Obama was accused (and is still accused) of only being a liar.

A week later, Biden is not lauded, but criticized for calling Ryan on the bullshit. He is criticized for interrupting Ryan when Ryan would start to say something untrue. He is accused of being unbalanced, rude, and bizarre.

Why? Mitt set the tone for the debates with his attitude and defiance of the rules. He set the tone in the bad behavior department. Why is it okay for Republicans to bullshit the American public, but wrong for a Democrat call them on it? That’s almost like whenever Bush would pull some shit (aka do something wrong) and anyone who didn’t agree would be mocked and/or ridiculed. It’s like there are different rules for the parties. If one party gets to act like asses, then the other party should get to as well.

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