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I get to go to the county DHR office tomorrow. I have an interview scheduled before 8am with a social worker to see if I can qualify for food stamps. I’ve mentioned that on Twitter and maybe on Tumblr. I haven’t mentioned it on Facebook because I really don’t want to see the comments from some of the people on there. I just have this feeling that the trolling great-aunt might decide that going on Food Stamps is just further proof of how I’m a puppet under the control of some massive left-wing conspiracy.

I need the food stamps, though. We’ve basically run out of food again this week. It’s actually a normal occurrence in this family. (Bills always come first.) We have some stuff to eat, but I’ve run out of iron-rich and protein-rich stuff to eat, which basically means that I’ve actually been really hungry for the past few days. If I end up getting food stamps, I will make sure to devote a certain amount of those benefits to getting meat and various non-heme (plant) sources for iron.

It’s bad that there are some things that I know that I can’t discuss around some people in my life. I wish that I felt comfortable mentioning it on there, but I really don’t want to face some kind of anti-welfare thing. I’ve had that happen in the past, to certain extents. Honestly, I don’t really feel like going through that ever again. And I wish that my fear of sharing was just some random paranoia from my wacky brain, but I know that it isn’t.

So, wish me luck in my poverty-related endeavor.

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  • Nonna

    I’m lucky to have been born in a “we pamper our disabled” country where very few people have to manage on food stamps & handouts, but from what I understand, the # of money per meal is absolutely ridiculous and is in no way enough to prepare a nutricious, healthy meal.

    Good luck on your poverty-related endeavor!

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