I Am Whatever You Say I Am (Or Why I’m “Really” a Democrat/Liberal)

It was a simple response to a simple statement. My great aunt had started posting anti-Obama comments on pro-liberal things I posted on Facebook. One of her statements was about how people shouldn’t vote for Obama. I responded that I would be voting for Obama. She said that she knew that and she knew why. It made me wonder what she thought was the reason, but I figured it out. Her reason was simple. I’m on disability so I must be voting my wallet.

Voting with your wallet is a practical reason, but, as so many people know, I’m not really a practical person. Besides, I’ve been on the left long than I’ve been receiving disability. Her reasoning makes sense, though, in an infuriating way.

I hate when people try to simplify my reasoning. Sometimes their simplifying of me is right, but other times, it misses things completely. So, I will break down why I vote the way I do.

I am a Democrat because in American politics, the only electable party anywhere near the left-wing is the Democratic Party. I am a Democrat because one of the only things that I looked forward to as a kid in school were music and art classes, and when I would get home, I would look forward to my dance classes, voice lessons, and other things that helped increase my appreciation of the beauty that is creativity. I am a Democrat because I want equality and justice for all people, not just those who happen to be a certain sexual orientation or a certain race or a certain religion. I am a Democrat because, to be completely honest, a lot of Republicans scare me. I am a Democrat because this party understands that I know my body and my moral code than any politician every will. I am a Democrat because when I see immigrants, I don’t want to see their papers, I want to recognize their humanity and their dreams. I am a Democrat because I don’t think people need assault rifles to hunt or to protect their homes–AK47’s and M16 are tools for murder and war, not protection or hunting. I am a Democrat because my spiritual beliefs should not be forced on my neighbors, nor should theirs be forced on me. I am a Democrat because health care reform can save lives. I am a Democrat because, as an asthmatic, the air is hard enough for me to breathe without completely tearing apart the EPA. I am a Democrat because I believe that every child has a fundamental right to a quality education. I am a Democrat because social justice only truly exists when every member of society has their rights protected. I am a Democrat for so many more reasons and most of those reasons have nothing to do with my being on government assistance.

For some reason, as a poor person, who is actually dependent upon the government to survive, I keep being told that I can’t possibly have an educated opinion. I’m just lazy white trash. Heaven forbid that I actually know what I am talking about and standing for. I’m just one of the disposable members of society–an American who is unworthy of anything from the government because I’m not working for it. No, according to some, my inability to pay taxes strips me of the right to be an American. (That makes me wonder if their tax rates were lowered if they would be less American somehow.)

In this election, I’ve heard things ranging from liberals are un-American to liberals being stupid/uninformed to lacking concern about the country and the world to liberals having no moral compass. And it’s all ridiculous BS that people who disagree with liberal perspectives come up with to justify their rudeness.

What’s weird is that 4 years ago, I had semi-warm feelings towards Romney and semi-cold ones towards Obama. I warmed up to Obama and I realized that Romney is basically an unfeeling robot. I realized Obama has the compassion required for the job, but he also has the grit that is needed sometimes. Romney doesn’t. I’ve realized that I don’t like him as a politician and I don’t like him on a basic human level. I find him more untrustworthy than just about any politician that I’ve ever seen, and that includes some within the Tea Party that I dislike and people within the Democratic party that I do like.  The more I see of Romney, the less I like him, and I’m sick of having to try to appease my conservative friends and family by not voicing that dislike.

About Janet Morris

I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.