Back To Burnt Sugar

In about twelve hours, I get to go back to the hematologist’s office/building for the 4-hour infusion. I always get a little nervous the day before infusions. I’m not too fond of being poked with needles to begin with, because of the hard stick thing. Infusions are a bit worse for a few reasons, but when it comes to the needle part, I dread it because not only do they have to find a vein, they have to find a vein that can hold the IV. (My veins, in addition to being hard to find, are small, move, blow easily, and are notoriously stubborn when it comes to working.)

I also dread the infusion itself. Iron infusions burn. It isn’t a little sensation. It goes from the site on the arm of the IV down to the hand and around the IV.  It hurts and it is painful, and you have to suffer through the pain/burning because iron infusions (and blood transfusions) are a treatment of last resort. Since I can’t take the iron orally, the burning is something I will have to learn to tolerate.

And finally, I dread the way I will feel from a few minutes into the IV until a few days later. I got really bad headaches after the 30 minute/1-hour treatments and my blood pressure shot up really high. So I will basically be overdoing it on my Flexeril for the next 48 hours or so. If my blood pressure didn’t get so high (140+/100+) on infusions, I wouldn’t have to max out my dose of muscle relaxers, but I have to do something to get it under control. I may even have to pull out the Lisinopril that was given to me at one point.

About the only thing that won’t completely suck is that if it’s an iron sucrose infusion like last time, it may have the taste of burnt sugar. That’s not so bad. (It’s a lot better than the saline flush that they use for IVs.)

In an ideal world, Tuesday would be a day of rest for me so that I could recover from the infusion properly. Sadly, Tuesday is the day that I have to go to the dentist, so I won’t get to recover then. I also won’t get to recover Wednesday because I have a renal ultrasound scheduled for that day. So I’m claiming Thursday now as a day for me to sleep and do absolutely nothing–basically, I’m claiming it as a regular day for me.

I hope this infusion helps more than the previous ones. I also hope that they figure where the iron is going after this. Maybe if they figure it out, it can be fixed. And if it is fixed, maybe I’ll finally be able to have a somewhat normal life. A girl can dream, right?


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