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I know that I post a lot of political crap, but when I share personal stuff, sometimes I need support. So it bothered me a lot when my great-aunt skipped over the personal posts I had made on Facebook, where I had said that I was going to see a Hematologist/Oncologist, and instead decided to pounce on one of my political posts with her anti-Obama rantings. I don’t remember her saying anything to me when my mom was sick, either. All she ever seems to respond to me about is political stuff. It would be nice if she could, you know, be an aunt for a second. I would like to have someone in my family, other than my parents, say, “it’ll be okay” or “do you need to talk” or something supportive.

I don’t really need sympathy or pity or anything, but I would like for her and for my other relatives to acknowledge that I exist as more than just a political rebel. I try to treat them with respect, so I don’t get why they can’t do the same with me. It seems like a group of adults should be able to behave like actual adults, instead of brats. It seems like my family members should know how to be supportive and loving like you might see in a non-dysfunctional family.

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