The sanctity of human life according to tumblr tag search.


– Several dozen posts on the murder of one Muslim woman, Shaima Alawadi, one such post alone accumulating 1,400+ notes.

– Fifteen posts on the murder of seven people (3 of which were children) at the hand of Mohammed Merah, a jihadist. An accumulative total of 15 notes.

If you can use Alawadi’s killer as a justification for criticizing the intolerance of westerners and their hatred towards Muslims, then I can use Merah as a justification for criticizing the intolerance of Muslims and their hatred towards westerners X 7.

Do not play the persecuted when it’s your own people who are tarnishing the name of your religion by killing under its banner.

I don’t see Mohammed Merah as representing Islam.  Extremists may intend to represent their religion, culture, race, etc., but they’re really representing an ideology of hate and ignorance.  Using his actions as a justification for the violence perpetrated against Shaima Al Awadi and other Muslims isn’t fair or just, and quite frankly, it doesn’t make sense to use one type of ignorance to justify another type of ignorance.

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