Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

What I say: I’m a feminist. What people hear: I hate men. What I say: I’m Pro-Choice What people hear: Death to all babies!! What I say: I’m pro- gay marriage. What people hear: I’m a raging homosexual. What I say: I like rock music. What people hear: I’m a emo cutter freak. What I say: I’m undecided about religion. What people hear: I worship satan.

sanityscraps: sugaredvenom: racismschool: to-goboldly: thepausebutton: You’re bad at this, Rush Limbaugh. You don’t even understand how babies are made, let alone how people can have sex without making a baby, and you would like the government to take over decision-making on these issues on your say-so. And you don’t get it. You biologically don’t get it. You just don’t understand it. You were absent that day. – Rachel Maddow Oh Rachel, I love you for this segment. This segment was flawless. The only thing I wish she’d added at the end was the the reason he may be confused is because he thinks birth control pills have to be taken every time you have sex just like the prescription Viagra pills the he continues to be caught with.  The thing about this whole saga is it’s exposed a whole new facet to the argument- these grown ass men talking about contraceptives literally do not know the first damn thing about them. And not just in the how they work on a biological level, their practical uses, alternate benefits etc. THEY LITERALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT A CONTRACEPTIVE PILL IS. I’ll be honest, I never even considered that in 2012, in the most privileged country in the world there could be hyperprivileged men who didn’t know the superbasics of the contraceptive pill, so I’ve never thought to address that, but FUCK ME, apparently our arguments about complex wombproblems and all that really were lost on them, not only because they’re nasty bigots, but because they literally do not have the mutual information base upon which the relative arguments are formed. SHOCKING. Oh god. The only thing better than this is when Rachel Maddow schooled Mittens on how birth control works.