Dear Birthers

Perhaps you do not understand the Constitution or perhaps you just don’t care. Personally, I think you are racist and/or ignorant. No matter what the reason is for your insistence that Obama is not a US Citizen, you need to shut up and get informed.  There is no good excuse for your stupidity at this point, so I’m gonna try to help you get over that stupidity.

First of all, Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in the year 1961. There were witnesses, since he was born in a hospital. There was a birth certificate, since he was born in a state that has a certificate of live birth (aka a legal birth certification). There was also a birth announcement. Now, I know that on the last thing you birthers think that his grandparents from Kansas were trying to make him look like he was born here because they were conspiring to make him President almost fifty years later.  Conspiracy theories are for people who wear tinfoil hats.  They aren’t for high-functioning people like many of your purport yourselves to be.

Secondly, if Obama wasn’t born in the state of Hawaii, he would still be (cue drum roll and ominous music) an American citizen. Why? Well, since you admit (via your conspiracy theory) that his mother was a US citizen, he would be an American by birth. His mother came from the Midwest long after it had been entered into the Union. She, as an American citizen, carried him in her womb and gave birth to him, giving him (as a birthright) American citizenship. It made him a natural-born citizen. So, the very same thing that makes many of you citizens made him one, too.

Now, why do I think that you birthers are racist? It is very simple. In the 2008 elections, there were two viable candidates: Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother, making him an American citizen born on American soil, which meets even the narrowest of definitions of citizenship. John McCain was born in Panama to American parents. Yes, he was born at a Naval Air Station, which means he was technically born on American soil, but he wasn’t born in the fifty states, which is what many of you claim is necessary.  So, if this weren’t a racism-related issue, then you would have been equally appalled with the idea that McCain could have been President since he was, according to the birther logic, from Panama.

What some of you may not realize is that McCain’s citizenship actually had to be verified prior to the 2008 election because some members of both parties weren’t sure if his election would be constitutional.  Because Obama’s birth was well documented as being in Hawaii and to an American mother, his was not tested by both parties in Congress.  Instead, his went before courts back then to prove he was a real American.  His citizenship was verified again several times, even before Donald Trump decided to go after Obama.

Now, there is a precedent of the clause not being followed to the strictest of standards for some, while being interpreted too strictly for people from unpopular backgrounds in the past:

  • Chester Arthur was rumored to be born in Canada.  Despite the rumors, he was able to convince enough officials that he was American by birth.
  • Barry Goldwater, a candidate in 1964, was born in the Arizona Territory before it officially became one of the fifty states.  The 50 states thing is a common issue for some birther-types.
  • Mitt Romney’s father George was born in Mexico to American parents. George was still able to be called an American citizen because his parents retained their citizenship. This allowed him to run for president.
  • Lowell Weicker was born in Paris to American parents and was allowed to run because he was considered to be an American by birth.
  • Christopher Schürmann was born in New York to German parents and tried to run for President in 1896. Despite being born in the country, his campaign was forced to disband because some Attorneys General felt uncomfortable about his parents being naturalized citizens. (Germans were discriminated against at that time, like many other minority ethnic groups.)

Basically, the country has had a history of allowing people who look a certain way or have acceptable names to get away with not being born in the right place or to the right kind of parents to run, while scrutinizing others. Since the scrutiny is only being focused, in great amounts, towards minorities, it makes birthers seem racist.

And the recent court order for Obama to appear before a Georgia judge to prove his citizenship is further proof that some of you are clearly taking this racist witchhunt way too far. What is surprising is that many of you are reportedly well-educated, with some of you even being doctors or lawyers, but you are unable to grasp the simple concept that yes, black folks born in this country can become President.  Maybe it isn’t your fault.  Maybe you were dropped on your heads or subjected to the racist tirades of a relative.  Whatever the reason, you need to get over it.  Obama has proven in court that he is an American, yet you won’t give it up.  You’re basically repeatedly filing truly frivolous lawsuits, which is either because you are too brainwashed by some Klan-like group or you are just too damn immature to admit that you are wrong and that filing these lawsuits is a waste of time and does the country no good.  So, I shall give you some free advice: get over it.

P.S. – Please tell some of your friends who keep calling Obama a “Muslim” that he isn’t one. (I heard a comment yesterday on the news from someone who claimed Obama was Muslim.)  Also, tell them that being a Muslim is not an insult.  I know some people think Muslims are terrorists, and yeah, there are some terrorists who claim to be Muslim, but they are in the minority.  (There are terrorists from ALL religious backgrounds.)  So, let’s stop with the ignorance and stick to facts.

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