Random opinion at 1 in the morning inspired by watching dumb people argue on Facebook


There has been a lot of talk around here about the infamous Alabama Teabagger. For those not in the know, after the BCS National Championship, a video surfaced of a man in Alabama clothing pulling out his genitals and placing them on a passed out LSU fan’s face at the Krystal Burger on Bourbon St. After it became a media frenzy, the guy finally turned himself in.

NOW, on to my point. I am an LSU fan, and some people seem to think this sways my judgement on the issue. To these people, I call them stupid. Anyone who tries to argue that this was not a sexual assault is just trying to fool themselves. What does it matter if the guy drank too much and passed out in a fast food place? By drinking a bit too much, does that mean that he had this coming? Being insulted, defamed, and defiled? I understand maybe some people think it’s not a big deal to do this to their “bros” when they’ve had a bit too much. This was a complete stranger. He wasn’t in on this sick joke or anything; and he didn’t deserve it, whether he is wearing purple and gold or crimson and white. To bring fandom into this is just insulting. This is where sports go way beyond their boundaries. If this had been a woman, people wouldn’t be arguing that “she had it coming if she passed out on Bourbon St.” or “it’s just a joke.” Step back a second, pull your head out of your ass, and realize this goes beyond a simple joke. This video is all over the internet and the news, and that guy has to live with that. Obviously, he shouldn’t get to that level where he was passed out in public because things like this could happen. That doesn’t mean that he deserves it. I hope nothing like this ever happens to anyone; but I do think people should give a little empathy, just like they would want.

P.S. I’m by no means saying that all Alabama fans are like this, just like all LSU fans aren’t terrible people like everyone likes to pretend.

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