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On Wednesday, I went back to the neurologist, after the office called me Tuesday afternoon and told me to show up at 3:45 the next afternoon. I got there at about 3, since my dad had a physical therapy appointment an hour earlier at the building right across the street. Being there forty-five minutes early wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been called back to a room sometime before 4:15. Of course, since it was a doctor’s office, it wasn’t humanly possible to be seen on-time. No, I didn’t go back until about 4:45 or, maybe even, 5:00.

After going to the exam room, I waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, the doctor came in. First, he apologized for having been too sick to see me before then. (I didn’t know he’d been sick.) Then, he went over the results.

He said that the MRI had revealed 5 white spots (aka: white matter lesions) on my brain. He said the radiologist report said there were 10, but that he’d only seen 5 legitimate ones. (The other five were apparently blood vessels and other anatomical parts.) He said that these were normal, especially for people with migraines. He told me, after that, that my EEG had some abnormal electrical activity, which seemed to be related to migraines. I asked him about my myoclonic jerks being worse lately–again, I was told it was the migraines. The dystonia is apparently due to the migraines as well. So, he basically told me that migraines are all powerful, evil problems that cause a hell of a lot of pain and torment for people.

While he was telling me about the results, he told me that he would’ve had the MRI results sooner except that, according to him, his computer just suddenly started writing other files over the disc the hospital sent him. This resulted in him having to get another disc. I’m not exactly convinced, but…who knows?

Anyway, I am now scheduled for a “BOTOX evaluation” because he said that he didn’t think that just treating me with pain medicine was going to cut it anymore. Apparently, I need something more permanent or long-lasting. (From what I’ve read, there is no conclusive data about the level of permanency of BOTOX injections when used to control neurological conditions.) I don’t know if my insurance will cover BOTOX. (I’m now on a Medicare Part C program.) So, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have it done or not. If I do have it done, then I can tell people I’ve had a nose job and BOTOX. Fun, fun, fun.

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4 thoughts on “A Pain In The Head

  • Jenn

    Botox for migraines? Who would have thought. I hope that something can be done for you! πŸ™ I’ve never dealt with migraines myself, but they run in my family, and I’ve seen how miserable my mom and brother are with them. :/

  • Robin

    I suffer all kinds of headaches (tension, blood pressure,
    migraines, menstrual, and some kind of horrible mutated type
    that is almost completely medicine-resistant). Actually, I’m
    going to have a CT scan done tomorrow to see if these
    headaches are trans-ischemic attacks in disguise, or whether
    my sinuses have decided to wade into the fun at last. But hey,
    knowing my body, there’s probably something else wrong with
    my head besides the obvious weirdness of my self. LOL

    I do hope they can find a successful treatment for your
    headaches, whatever the cause. Praying for you.

  • Kate

    I suffer from migraines too, bad crippling ones to the point I can’t even see, so I understand πŸ™ Poor Janet *hugs and shares Hello Kitty candy* <3

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