I came across this on StumbleUpon. People who spend their day bitching and complaining, check it out. Your life might not be that bad. 

Hmmm well let’s see, the people that have most of this…Are still fucking miserable. “”I had such a bad week-” “OMFG DNT U KNOW THERE AREE PPL STARVING IN AFRICA???” Yeah….Okay.

I hate this image because it doesn’t take into account that a person’s life can suck no matter how “fortunate” they are.  

There are people who may have regular meals, but are still malnourished.  There are people who may have some money in the bank right now, but will be broke by the end of the week because their heating bill, groceries, and rent eat up all of their money.  There are people who don’t know if they are sick because they couldn’t go see a doctor, but they assume they’re healthy because they don’t look sick.  There are people who live in neighborhoods plagued by crime and may not know if they will make it through the end of the week because of the crime rate in their area.  There are children, teens, and adults of all races, classes, religions, etc. that are abused regularly by family or friends or significant others or a neighbor; I dare you to call them blessed or lucky or fortunate or say that they aren’t suffering.

Everyone leads a life that no other person can fully understand.  Everyone has their struggles and their turmoils.  It isn’t up to us to say that their problems don’t matter because they aren’t “big” enough. 

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