especially at the train station, i feel so guilty, and i always hold my smoke in my mouth and move my fag out the way when theres kids around, 
but people still give me horrible looks. wahhh 

so relevant

so true i do the same dink

The look or dissapointment old people give you…..

THIS! fucking hell i hate it when people i think i smoke as some sort of fashion statement or because i think it makes me look ‘cool’. i hate being the only smoker and always walk away when there are kids there because i always feel bad. 


True, very true.

I wish I knew smokers like you guys.  Most of the people I know who smoke don’t care who they smoke around and don’t care if it might be bothering people.  I have family members who have known for 27 years now that I’ve been allergic to smoke (and have seen the asthma attacks that ensue) and they will still pretty much blow it in my face.

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