180 Days

Over Christmas, I got some money and, with the money, I got an iTunes gift card for $25, along with other things.  So, I went on iTunes yesterday and decided to complete the Glee: Vol. 4 album, which was going to be the first album I completed in the transaction.  Over the past year and a half, I’d purchased 10 of the songs on the album at their full price of $1.29.  The total price of the album is $13.99 and I had already paid $12.90 for those 10 songs.  Admittedly, I’d gotten them as singles, but that hadn’t mattered on Volumes 3 and 6.  So, I pressed the “buy the album” button and expected it to have a pop-up saying that I had already purchased part of the album and asking if I wanted to complete the album.

It never happened.

I went through my invoices and reported this transaction, as well as one for a purchase of Volume 7 that had done the same thing, which I’d purchased the singles for the first 3 episodes of the third season through Apple.  In total, I’ve paid for 14 songs that were on the two albums, as well as the full album price for the albums.  Basically, I’ve paid $46.04 for 2 albums worth $27.98.  And, though their Terms and Conditions page says that you can only complete albums within 180 days from the first purchase (which Volume 7 would be, but Volume 4 wouldn’t) , their FAQ says:

When you buy individual songs from any qualifying album, you can complete the album at any time, as long as the album is available for sale on the iTunes Store.

So, instead of being a legal scholar-type and going by the Terms and Conditions, I went by the FAQ like a normal lazy person. I filed a complaint on all the previously purchased songs, and guess how much credit I received over the issue: 1 song credit. While I appreciate that I got $1.29 of a virtual refund, I would have preferred that Apple admit that there was something fluky going on with the store and done the 14 credits.

And now I’m left with the feeling that I might not want to ever make purchases through the iTunes store again, which kind of sucks (for me) because it is so easy and (for them) because I do it so often and I have bought so many songs, videos, episodes, and movies from them.  In the past 3 and a half years, I have spent at (or around) $3516 (or 1/5th of my income for the same length of time) in the iTunes store.  Now, I’m sure that there are people who have purchased more than that in that time period, but, aside from the hacked account (and $20+ purchased by said hacker) and this one time, I would say that I have been a good customer.  I’m even so nice about iTunes/iPods and stuff that I won’t insult the company in front mine.  (Silly, I know.)

Ah, just got an email saying that I would get a refund. Good iTunes.  Now, I just wish I could take back the admitting to my dad how much money I’ve spent in the iTunes store in the last 3 years because he almost freaked out.  (Not that I blame him.)  Of course, there was quite a bit spent using gift cards purchased with money given for gifts.

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