Tagging Meme: Horrible Christmas

Okay, I have fun doing these on Facebook—don’t kill me for mentioning that site. So, I was thinking about how you might do them on Tumblr and I thought of one of four ways:

  1. The people (in order) listed on your dash on the dashboard area.
  2. The first people listed (in order) on your following list.
  3. The first people listed (in order) on your followers area.
  4. The first few people listed on your sidebar if you use a theme that displays people you follow.

The third one is the only one that isn’t random. So, without further ado, I’m going to do this one.

You have a horrible Christmas.
Sets the tree on fire: electricshake182
Eats all the cookies that are left out for Santa: eiley-cyrus
Tells every little kid they see that Santa isn’t real: effyeahsunny
Steals all the candy: bradisourking
Tries to kill Santa: elisapignataro
Leaves the fireplace lit: glittergleek
Still believes in Santa: electricrequiem
Holds up Santa and his Reindeer: eh-cabron
Burns Christmas Dinner: edgeofsomething
Caught eating the tinsel: blameitoncrisscolfer

You don’t have to be tagged to participate and you don’t have to participate if you’re tagged.

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