being tagged as “stupidity” and “ignorance”


thank you for being a petty, hurtful individual instead of intelligent and kind like i originally thought. i hope you feel better. we’ll be waiting for you to wake up. enjoy your slumber.

Yes, I tagged that post with those things.  It is how I try to organize my blog.

  • On the ignorance tag, it was a tag that I also used to tag the post about how the FEMA camps hoaxes are associated with racism.  If you look at the posts that I’ve tagged with ignorance on my blog, then you would see that they are often related to discussions about racism, bigotry, discrimination, etc.  
  • Stupidity is another tag that I tend to use with posts on those topics.  

It wasn’t actually a comment about you personally.  

BTW – I had made some snarky remarks in the post originally, but decided not to because I thought that would be rude and hurtful. 

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