No, this isn’t an anime post, and I hope our followers, and the other runners of this blog, will forgive me for posting “politics” here.

This is too serious though, and with 3400 followers, you are my best audience.

i *am* sorry if people are sick of hearing about politics. but politics or not, this is fucking scary: fema detainment camps are going live. FEMA DETENTION/DETAINMENT CAMPS. IN AMERICA. ALL FIFTY STATES. this is following the bill passed by the senate in a 93 to 7 vote that the government can, at it’s discretion, arrest any american citizen at any time without trial or reason, and hold them indefinitely.
sure, obama says he’ll v
eto, but with a 2/3+ approval in senate, the veto will be over-ridden. so, they’ve passed the bill to detain us indefinitely, and now they’re activating the detention camps, all shortly after occupy wallstreet starts.
google fema detainment camps, google the NDAA bill. google what occupy wallstreet stands for. please please please, research for yourself online what is going on in america right now. this is very very serious, and very very scary. don’t think about this as politics, don’t use that as an excuse to ignore this kind of thing. i’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or declare themselves as a 99%, i’m just asking everyone that reads this post to EDUCATE THEMSELVES on the shit that’s happening right now. read up on what’s going on and draw your own conclusions, but for pete’s sake, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

this is no longer about politics – this is literally about our freedoms & liberties.

AS AN EXAMPLE: say you have a pen pal in iraq, that can be labeled as “suspected terrorism” – off to fema camps you go, indefinitely, no lawyer, no family visits, no guarantee of leaving.

say you put up a tweet: “i don’t like the president” — bam, suspected terrorism – off to fema camps you go.

say you…. oh, have more than 6 days worth of food in your house – SUSPECTED TERRORISM, OFF TO FEMA WITH YOU. (yes, the last one is true, along with “missing fingers” or looking muslim, etc, check it here)

IF YOU CAN REBLOG A CAT LICKING IT’S LIPS, PLEASE REBLOG SOMETHING LIKE THIS.  Seriously. This is your life & your freedom. Spread the word, educate yourself, friends & family.

I keep seeing this post on my dash and it makes me really nervous to see people believing that what is said in this post is legitimate.

Those of you who keep reblogging this and acting like it is legit-shit, please don’t.

  1. The NDAA is basically the budget for the Defense Department.  Do you know why it passes with such a majority?  Because it is that department’s budget and no one goes against it and keeps their seat.
  2. The rumors of FEMA concentration/detainment/detention camps have been going on for years.  Don’t believe me? They were around in 2010, when rumors spread about the camps being setup after the oil spill in the Gulf.  Apparently, the entire southeastern coast was being evacuated into the camps.  Since I’m in the Southeast, have family at the coast, and am not wearing an aluminum foil hat, I can assure you that people in this region weren’t shipped en masse to camps. The rumors were around in 2007, under Bush.  I’m pretty sure that if they existed and people were being put in them for any reason that those of us who openly opposed that crackpot would’ve been locked up then.  There were even rumors like it happening back in the 1950’s, except it was related to a bill passed about mental health care in the, at the time, Territory of Alaska.  It’s an ongoing hoax that people just keep on accepting as fact.
  3. In the actual bill, which is easily available on the interwebz, there is no mention of the camps, of this ability to arrest anyone, or FEMA.  Of course, FEMA wouldn’t be a part of that department’s bill since it is under the Department of Homeland Security now.
  4. Even if FEMA were in the Department of Defense and was mentioned in the bill, the camps that would be mentioned would not be detention camps.  They would be trailers set up on the property belonging to the homeowners and lived in by someone whose home was damaged/destroyed by something like the April 27 tornadoes or Hurricane Katrina.  So, basically, not camps as much as temporary housing for the temporarily homeless.
  5. If someone tells you that something über-bad is going to happen, then that person needs to be able to provide information from actual sources.  In this case, since it would be a federal law being passed, you would find it on THOMAS.  Many states, even Alabama, have a site set up where you can read the legislation that is being passed.  It is always a good idea to read the law if you hear this kind of rumor.
  6. If someone mentions the name Alex Jones, then it is probably going to be something that is completely off-the-wall and completely untrue.  This is a man who promotes the idea of a New World Order conspiracy, where he says we’re all going to be slaves.  He’s like Glenn Beck, only (and I can’t believe I am saying this) crazier. (Rolling Stone: Article 1, Article 2)  Really, if you believe him, get some help.  That’s coming from someone who has been treated for mental illness for twenty years and has grown up with a parent who has been treated for it for around forty years.  So, please, don’t listen to that man.  He is nuts.
  7. Please remember that whenever someone claims something like this is going on, there is this great new thing called the internet where you can do actual research on it.  If you see information on a blog, don’t take it as the gospel truth.  If you see it on a website that you’ve never really heard of, don’t take it as the truth.  Look things up on trusted websites.  Learn to tell the difference between what is fact and what is speculation.

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