No, this isn’t an anime post, and I hope our followers, and the other runners of this blog, will forgive me for posting “politics” here.

This is too serious though, and with 3400 followers, you are my best audience.

i *am* sorry if people are sick of hearing about politics. but politics or not, this is fucking scary: fema detainment camps are going live. FEMA DETENTION/DETAINMENT CAMPS. IN AMERICA. ALL FIFTY STATES. this is following the bill passed by the senate in a 93 to 7 vote that the government can, at it’s discretion, arrest any american citizen at any time without trial or reason, and hold them indefinitely.
sure, obama says he’ll v
eto, but with a 2/3+ approval in senate, the veto will be over-ridden. so, they’ve passed the bill to detain us indefinitely, and now they’re activating the detention camps, all shortly after occupy wallstreet starts.
google fema detainment camps, google the NDAA bill. google what occupy wallstreet stands for. please please please, research for yourself online what is going on in america right now. this is very very serious, and very very scary. don’t think about this as politics, don’t use that as an excuse to ignore this kind of thing. i’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or declare themselves as a 99%, i’m just asking everyone that reads this post to EDUCATE THEMSELVES on the shit that’s happening right now. read up on what’s going on and draw your own conclusions, but for pete’s sake, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

this is no longer about politics – this is literally about our freedoms & liberties.

AS AN EXAMPLE: say you have a pen pal in iraq, that can be labeled as “suspected terrorism” – off to fema camps you go, indefinitely, no lawyer, no family visits, no guarantee of leaving.

say you put up a tweet: “i don’t like the president” — bam, suspected terrorism – off to fema camps you go.

say you…. oh, have more than 6 days worth of food in your house – SUSPECTED TERRORISM, OFF TO FEMA WITH YOU. (yes, the last one is true, along with “missing fingers” or looking muslim, etc, check it here)

IF YOU CAN REBLOG A CAT LICKING IT’S LIPS, PLEASE REBLOG SOMETHING LIKE THIS.  Seriously. This is your life & your freedom. Spread the word, educate yourself, friends & family.


Look, the NDAA is a VERY real bill. It’s not anywhere near as terrifying as people like Alex Jones make it out to be, but DO NOT associate it with him! Alex Jones has lied and slimed his way so much that ANYTHING associated with him loses ANY credibility whatsoever. 

But the NDAA is a legitimately bad thing that people should not implicitly consent to. Stop associating it with him and conspiracy theorists who have been associated by important AND skeptical people as wrong, wrong, wrong, not to mention straight-up fools. I know the vast majority of people don’t understand the horribly idiotic shit that is propagated by them. This is scary shit. It’s easy to push objection to it by anyone out there.

But there are really people out there that you don’t want associated with your movement, if you want it taken seriously. One of the many is Alex Jones. Do not let him take you for a ride and let him fool you into thinking he’s a legitimate “journalist”. He should have a neon sign on his face that says “STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME”.


….look, I can’t NOT say it. Internet memes aren’t exactly helpful to a movement, either. Seriously things should not be brought into pop culture as a humorous thing. I laugh at almost everything. I laugh at things that people find highly inappropriate, in a very dark way. But this isn’t funny.

FUCKING YES. THE DIRECTLY ABOVE COMMENTARY. Also, anyone who believes in FEMA camps should probably do a little bit more research about the fucking beginning of that whole conspiracy. That one’s been floating around FOREVER and is actually linked with a lot of additional bigoted, fucked up “conspiracies”. To learn more about any conspiracy theories, I recommend you check out the Southern Poverty Law Center and their articles on conspiracy theories and their links to white supremacy groups, both in the US and worldwide. 

However, back in the 1990s people thought that the US government, usually with the idea that the US goverment was to be taken over by a New World Order regime. Sometimes this NWO is led by the Jews, sometimes it’s the United Nations, and sometimes it’s both. It’s part of the Patriot movement, which is an extremist organization that began decades ago with white supremacy groups. They think that signs with arrows for FEMA trucks to follow in case of an emergency are actually FEMA trucks to lead away honest, “free-thinking” Americans. To the originators of this conspiracy, these good Americans were fellow ultra-Christian, ultra-Nationalistic, ultra-racist bigots like themselves who feared God and carried many firearms. 

But now they’re tricked so many young skeptics that their movement is different. See, first they get you with some sort of small conspiracy, then drag you in to all the rest of their bullshit. The Patriots have already roped in a lot of Tea Party members with their libertarian bullshit. The Patriot movement is associated with the Christian Identity movement, which mixes racism with mythology, Nazism, “naturalism”, and Christianity. Many Patriots are Holocaust-deniers as well, which goes along with their anti-Semetic beliefs. This conspiracy is older than most of the people on Tumblr seem to understand, and I see people I follow reblogging this bullshit and I sigh, because they don’t even research beyond what they see on here. 

Please, educate yourselves before you believe this fucking bullshit, please.

More Patriot info.

History on FEMA camps conspiracy.

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