Tis’ the season.. for giving away my bass guitar!

We are less than three weeks away from Christmas and still we are faced with what I understand is a pretty significant unemployment rate for our country. With the revolution coming I feel more than ever that it is time for those of us who are fortunate enough to be blessed with compassion and content in our lives to look upon those who are not doing so well this year and say “What can I do to help make their lives a bit more easier?”
I’ve visited a few protests here in New York and have had a chance to speak with some of the occupiers, as well as friends who have lost their jobs and have had foreclosures on their homes. The other day I passed by a mother sitting on the floor in front of a Kinkos with her daughter. They were both eating what looked like someone’s left overs and in front of her, was a sign that read “homeless and hungry.” It broke my heart and made me remember a time in my life where my mom was also struggling.
When I was a little girl, I remember one Christmas where my mom, god bless her, couldn’t afford presents for me and my little sister. I remember that year in particular because it was the only year we were homeless. We weren’t in a shelter that year or anything too horrible, but we were living in a basement that we weren’t supposed to be in. That year she took us girls down to a place where they were serving Christmas dinner and giving away toys to the children. I remember standing on a huge line feeling slightly embarrassed, and confused but more importantly very happy to be getting a gift that year. I wish I could remember what it was that I got but I can’t. That year all of our stuff was put in storage and when my mom couldn’t afford to pay the bill, the storage company had no choice but to auction it off. All of our furniture, clothes, toys, photos, and everything GONE. I can hardly remember my child hood because without photos or objects to remind me of the times, things just fade.. However feelings always stay which is why I feel most obliged to donate something that has helped me tremendously in my life, something that I love very much with all my heart and that is my very first bass. It is in terrible condition so I’m having my friend Shamus help repair it this Wednesday coming up. So.. while it is being brought back to life if you or anyone you know has a similar story to mine and my sister’s, live in NYC, and with a slight difference in age.. (preferably a teenager who rocks) please let me know! Email me at doriscellarinfo@gmail.com and keep it real!!!
Much love,
Doris Cellar
PS- To my brothers and sisters keep the peace and dont give in or up! We can do this.

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I just love her.

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