Will anyone take a moment to read this?

This is my brother Mikey.

He has autism, and his birthday party is tomorrow.

My parents and I love my brother so much, I just wished other people felt the same way.

His birthday parties with relatives have never spent time with him or given him a gift. As if he didn’t understand.

His best friend (who was paid) never came back to see him since the summer …

and since then, we’ve been trying to find him new friends to hang out with.

My mom starts crying because she wants the best for her boy.

Most people don’t want to be friends with someone who’s “too different”… but I want to challenge this.

I want to show my mom and my brother how much people care about him.

He’s not going to have a big party like most would at 17, I will be thanking God if three people show up.

But could you spare a post on your blog for him?

I know someone out there thinks he’s worth it.<3

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