Motherboard, May I?

My laptop is on vacation right now. It decided to quit working properly last Tuesday. At first, I thought it was just a monitor issue, but after going through the troubleshooting process (twice) I found out that there was also a motherboard problem. So, a technician was supposed to fix it about 12 hours ago. Even though he showed up a couple of hours late (he went to the wrong location), he tried to fix it but his efforts were unsuccessful.

I got to watch him (and listen to him) call the technician technical support line for Dell. He told them that it needed more work done, including that it probably needed a new cable for the monitor, a new backpanel (I hope they still have pink ones), a new palm rest, and a new base/underside. He told them that he had trouble getting the new (refurbished) monitor to fit properly, even though it was supposed to fit my particular model of XPS. The tech support dude had to verify with me that I was okay sending it to Texas to the Depot, and I told him that I was. He then told me that it would be back to me in about 10 days. I sighed and said that was okay. (Maybe I’ll have my external hard drive cover by the time it gets back.)

Then, the tech support line guy said I needed to back up my hard drive. Now, I may not know how to fix my laptop, but I’m pretty sure that I have been around computers long enough to know that backing up a hard drive is pretty damn near impossible if you can’t access it to copy it. I pointed that out to him, so he said to specify that I only wanted them to fix the hardware and that I didn’t want them to mess with the hard drive. (I don’t care if they mess with the drive, as long as they are able to back it up before messing with it.)

Anyway, I should have my laptop back in less than 2 weeks with its 3rd new motherboard, 3rd or 4th new monitor (assuming they put one in that fits), second or third palm rest, and second back and bottom panels. I think I’m going to mention on the form that I’ll be filling out in a few hours that I would like to have them check out the webcam, since it has had kind of a glowed effect ever since the newest webcam was installed.

Eventually, I think Dell is going to go nuts fixing this laptop. I swear, it has had more problems than every other computer I’ve ever had or regularly used combined. I know that it has had a hell of a lot more issues with the motherboard (and the monitor, for that matter) than any other computer that I’ve ever had. (I think that I’d never had motherboard issues before I got this laptop in 2009.)

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