I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vampire movie where I think the vampires are attractive … I’ve watched True Blood and all those guys are great looking, but you put vampire make-up on them and they look less handsome on the show than they do in reality.

– Robert Pattinson in Parade (Source)

Um, let’s compare:

Robert Pattinson in reality vs. Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in full True Blood makeup.


Your argument is invalid.

(via persnickety-veruca)

I get what he means.  I mean, look at how Stephen Moyer looks versus when they do his makeup on True Blood. Real world SM always looks much better than SM as Bill.  Even sometimes Alexander Skarsgård can look sickly with the makeup. And it isn’t just True Blood. Sometimes the makeup on The Vampire Diaries makes Candice, Paul and Ian look bad. And on the second season of Buffy, the makeup for Angel was sometimes disturbing.

Keep in mind that I am a fan of all four fandoms.

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