fandomepic replied to your postWow…massive loss of followers

Meh, some are fickle. I’m not about to unfollow, but I’m not into Glee so I can see how some could be put off. If they don’t follow your Glee Tumblr, it could be by choice; if they do, would they get repeat content? I’m a noob, soz :/

Some of what I post is a repeat.  These caps are a repeat of stuff from that blog, but I don’t think their being a repeat is solely to blame for this.

I think it comes down to your first point about people being fickle since I’ve had people unfollow in the past after I posted a quote or a lyric, reblogged something that isn’t uber-popular, and posted actual original stuff.  I’ve also had people unfollow in the past right after I’ve mentioned that I am a Twilight fan. 

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me.  It’s just weird.

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