I know that most people who follow me on here are not from Huntsville, but I’m hoping that you will sign the petition anyway. Lee’s current (aka old) building was constructed in 1958.  The school was named after Lee Highway, which was a National Auto Trail that connected New York City to San Francisco.  It has housed the city’s magnet programs for arts and pre-engineering for about 25 years.  Some of its alumni include Jim McBride, Kim Dickens, Condredge Holloway, Amobi Okoye, Ned Vaughn, Craig Kimberl, and Darian Stewart. The old building began to have some issues, which is Huntsville City Schools’ code word for “it wasn’t taken care of and now would cost more to fix than it would to build a whole new school.”   When the construction of the new school began, it was believed that the new building would still be Lee High School.  Actually, before the construction began, when it was being proposed and money was being secured in Montgomery, the plan was for a new “Lee High School” and some state politicians have said that they wouldn’t have helped to build a new school under a new name.  Even the builders were thinking that until the (new) superintendent decided that it needed to have a new identity.  His reasoning is that the new building will merge Lee with New Century Technology, so the New Century students will feel disenfranchised because they will lose their school’s name.  (New Century started around 1999 or 2000 and was housed at the Huntsville campus of Calhoun Community College.  It has no sports teams and most people in town don’t know it exists.)   The new building had the name Lee High School on it up until a few days ago, when Dr. Wardynski made the name-change decision.  The news was broken to all of Lee’s current students, future students, alumni, PTSA members, etc. via the name being removed.  (It was then confirmed by the superintendent on the local news.)  Oddly, though, the NCT families knew that the name was changing before that.  If the name of an established school was going to be changed, it seems like it would have been fair for the school system to let the students and alumni of the school know first. 

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