For those who say that a she can’t be a king, that isn’t true. Elizabeth I, one of the greatest rulers ever, considered herself to be king when it came to ruling her empire. So, if she could rule a vast empire as a king, then surely a young woman can be Homecoming King.

For those who say that the Bible condemns homosexuality, please remember that the Bible, as an ancient document, condemned a lot of things that are now considered “okay” and allowed for many things that are now considered “vile.” Polygyny (multiple wives) was okay, even encouraged under God’s plan in the OT. Slavery and concubines were okay. Sometimes rape was okay. Marrying your brother’s widow was wrong. Eating pork was wrong. (Still is for some Abrahamic traditions.) Things change. Society changes. That’s a good thing. Progress = good. Stagnation = bad.

For those who think that being LGBT is a choice, it isn’t. If you did some research on what leads to a person’s (or any living being’s) sexuality, you might realize that more of it comes from nature than nurture. Homosexuality has been observed in almost every species that has been studied, and there is only one species where it is treated as a bad thing. Also, why would any person choose to be gay? Why would someone choose to be in a group that is threatened, mocked, bullied, etc.? No one is that much of a masochist!

For those who think that the ignorance that they have displayed against LGBT couples is not hate or being judgmental, you’re wrong. You are judging them. You call it a choice. (Judgment.) You say that it is wrong. (Judgment.) You refer to it as being a product of Satan. (Judgment.) You treat it like it is a disease. (Judgment.) You say that approval of these relationships show a lack of moral values. (Judgment.)

That being said, I am proud of the students for electing that couple as King and Queen. I am disappointed in the people who are spreading hate, whether they are in San Diego or right here in the Tennessee Valley. I am especially disappointed in those who spread hate that have children or grandchildren or are just role models to children. If you’re displaying this much ignorance to total strangers on the internet, I can only assume tha the level of hatred that you show in front of those kids is off-the-charts. That is truly scary and sickening to me.

my response to the responses on WHNT’s Facebook Page about an article where a lesbian couple that was elected Homecoming King and Queen in San Diego

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