More Today Than Yesterday

Today was my semiannual appointment with the rheumatologist, aka the appointment that I don’t enjoy ever.  It proved to be as expected, though I think my parents think that I am partially to blame for that.  I was going to talk to him about a rash that I’ve had for over ten years, but that I thought he might know something about.  (The rash comes up on my cheeks and my forearms.  It gets worse when I’m stressed, angry, sick, tired, hot, or in a lot of pain.)  I didn’t ask him, though.  He didn’t seem all that interested and seemed to be taking the general “you’re not a doctor, so you don’t know about your own health” attitude that he’s had for a while now.

First, he determined that in the past six months I haven’t lost any weight.  While he may have a point, when it comes to the information he has, he doesn’t know that I’ve gained 30 pounds and then lost it at least once during that whole six months.  He drew a conclusion without having enough data, which I guess he thinks is okay since he thinks the only data is what is in his file.  (My whole life is apparently in that file, even though so much of it isn’t.)

Second, he asked how my sleep had been.  I told him that my sleep had sucked.  He started in on his “You can take 4 Zanaflex and Flexeril a night to sleep” rambling spree.  I told him that I couldn’t.  I’d told him this before, six months ago, but he didn’t believe me.  At the time I’d told him that I couldn’t take that much because I would get dizzy from the Zanaflex.  He told me, at the time, that that wasn’t possible because of the drug’s half-life.  This time I told him that it was because it dropped my blood pressure.  He said that I would have to choose between pain and lower blood pressure.  I tried to get across to him that this wasn’t just a little lower.  He didn’t understand until I told him the numbers that I had the night I fainted.  Suddenly, his advice changed. The advice became  “take as much as you can” because I apparently had figured out my own limits.  Wow.  So, I’m not the idiot that I sometimes feel like I am?  I actually might notice that something is wrong.

So, this would be where I should have talked about my rash, but I was nervous and I was frustrated and I wanted to go home, so I didn’t tell him.

Speaking of my blood pressure, the other night it was around 130-something over 97.  I had slept in 36 hours before that blood pressure was taken.  I only checked it because I had a massively awful headache.  Today, at the appointment, my blood pressure was 127 over 74.  Apparently, the nap that I had this morning helped some.  Yay.

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