Kick-You-In-The-Crotch, Spit-On-Your-Neck Fantastic 2

Remember how I was in a bad mood yesterday because my Apple ID had been disabled and because I was told that my SSI limit wouldn’t be increased because I wasn’t (and couldn’t) contribute my “fair share” to the household expenses?  What would you say if I said that those two things might be the highlight of my week?

I was overjoyed when I finally got my Apple account reset.   I was not so overjoyed when I saw that there had been a charge to my account for a $19.99 app.  Of course, since I have no iPhone, iPad, or app-loving iPod Touch, I have absolutely no use for any apps.  So, nice-going whoever ordered that.  That was a big honking clue that that account had been compromised.  It is now back to being disabled.

I’ve also put a fraud alert on my credit and will be closing out money-related accounts ASAP.

Luckily, my Apple account appears to have only been compromised on the twenty-fourth of October, so it was caught rather quickly.  Still, this is all going to be a pain in the ass.  I guess I couldn’t appreciate the not-so-great, okay, mediocre, or semi-good (and sometimes very good/downright awesome) if there were moments that really sucked.

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