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Today is technically the six month anniversary of the April 27th tornado outbreak.  I say technically because in some way, shape, or form, the storms get mentioned every single day on local news.  No matter what is happening, someone has to compare it to the storms or say how it has something to do with something that happened that day.  It’s almost like the world before that day didn’t exist and that every day since is just a continuation of that day.

Honestly, I feel bad that people died.  I feel bad that people lost their homes, their places of work, their belongings, etc.  I feel bad about all of that, but there is a certain point when I wonder what good it does to treat it like it is still actively taking place.  Is it supposed to make people feel worse if their whole family made it out alive or if they still have a house to live in?  Is it supposed to help survivors feel better because we’re still remembering them?

I think that anyone in this area and a few people who aren’t even in this area will remember that day for a very long time without the reminders.  I don’t understand how people will ever fully be able to handle what happened if we keep acting like it is still going on.  Part of grieving and part of dealing with past traumas is to acknowledge that it is in the past. People can’t put it in the past or start to move on if there is a constant reminder of it.

Maybe it shouldn’t go away all at once.  Maybe a little at a time, but I think that at six months there should be fewer newscasts where we have to be reminded of it than there currently are.  We should be ready to at least let one day per week go without mentioning the storms.

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