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There used to be a simple reason that I didn’t look forward to Thursdays: no matter what was going on, my dad was always in a bad mood that day of the week. Now, though, it isn’t quite so simple.

I got on my computer today and was going to do something very, very simple. I was going to set up Genius on iTunes. For some reason, I couldn’t get my password to work with my Apple ID. I tried to reset it, but couldn’t do so the simple (get an email from them) way because I no longer have that email account. I tried to reset it with the security answer, but I couldn’t remember the answer. So, I am waiting on a response from the support folks at Apple. I’m guessing that that will take forever.

I decided that I would call Social Security to check in, once-again, about getting the rest of my disability. I asked why, even though I submitted the paperwork years ago, I still was considered to not be paying my fair share. She asked if I paid a third of the living expenses for the household. Well, as it was defined to me when I started receiving SSI/SSDI, I do. I told her this. She asked how much rent is. I told her we don’t have “rent” since the mortgage is paid off. She asked how much I pay in utilities, and I was taken aback. No one told me in 2004/2005 that I was supposed to pay a third of the monthly utilities. I was told food and rent/taxes. Apparently, by not paying rent and not paying utilities, I am not paying my fair share. Of course, this whole thing fails to take into account that I can’t pay the “fair share.”

No matter how we try to cut back on expenses, monthly expenses (that we still have, since the mortgage is paid off and since I no longer have to cover property taxes for my house) breakdown like this:

Food: between $250-$400/week or $1200-$1600 per month
Utilities: about $260/month
Telephone: about $100 per month

That means that the total maximum monthly expense for the entire household would be about $1960. I am expected to pay one-third of this amount. One-third of $1960 is $653.33. I only get around $470. The total I could get if I got the maximum SSI amount is like $670. How the fuck am I supposed to cover the $653.33 with $470? Even at the minimum amounts, I would be expected to put forth $520 per month. Will someone please tell me how I would ever be able to pay the one-third amount because I don’t think it is possible?

Also, if I am expected to pay for things like utilities and the telephone, then why wasn’t I told this all those years ago? Why was it specifically food and shelter? And why was I told that the amount I was expected to pay was (at most) $250?

So, thank you Social Security Administration, you have helped to make sure that this day really is shitty for me. Oh, and I am supposed to be waiting for someone from the local office to call. They don’t usually call. When they do, they usually can’t find things or they’ll have the wrong information. (I think it was someone from the local office that reported that I had too many resources a while back, which was when I got stripped of benefits for a while.)

I hope that tomorrow doesn’t suck so much. Of course, I’m going to see my rheumatologist and that hasn’t been an enjoyable experience in a very, very long time. Except for the fact that he gives me medicine for my pain, I don’t really get any help from seeing him.

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