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Jim: At F.W. Woolworth, you could buy everything from a live turtle to a chicken salad sandwich!
Donna: That’s not a good combination….
Jim: They also sold bottles of something called “Witch Hazel”, which was always in our medicine cabinet, but I had no idea what it was used for. In fact, I never saw anybody use it and that bottle sat there for years.
Donna: Witch Hazel can be used on your face if you have oily skin. I don’t knw what else it can be used for, though.
Jim: I reckon nobody ever had an oily face at the house ’cause that bottle just sat there year after year. Maybe it was a door prize. I tried a chemistry experiment with it in 1965 and mixed it with some Jergens, lighter fluid, my sister’s Dippity-Doo, and some Old Spice, but nothing happened except I woke up in the year 2011 the next morning. I can’t find a pay-phone anywhere.

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