No, no, no. I usually respect you, why’d you have to say this?

(I posted a link to the USA Today story about the Occupy folks helping the homeless with the comment, “I’m glad that there are some protesters who are helping the homeless folks out.”)
Cousin: I feel sorry for them, but the ones who just chose not to go to school/college deserve what they have. You get what you ask for and im sure they were told the same thing I was in highschool.
Me: I’m confused. Who are you talking about: the homeless or the protesters?
Cousin: The homeless.
Me: Being homeless isn’t generally caused by a lack of education. In fact, education doesn’t really play a part in being homeless at all.
(I really hope that this doesn’t lead to some kind of argument between this cousin and me because I really think this particular cousin is pretty awesome. However, if he keeps talking about homeless people being uneducated, I may have to unleash the inner-activist-was-gonna-be-a-social-worker on him.)

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