this is absolutely disgusting she looks like a monster that they dressed up and took to the zoo.  orangutan boobs are flowing over a belt I do not get it.

I’m not even going to get into the possible racist connotations you’ve made by comparing her to a monster that was taken to zoo or by saying that she has orangutan boobs.

There is a major problem with “thinspo” blogs and THIS post is a good example.  

Part of what triggers eating disorders is a body image issue.  Somewhere along the line someone was told or began to believe that there was something wrong with their body; or they began to believe that losing/gaining weight might prevent them from being alone or could help them stay alone.  That trigger led to unhealthy thinking, which led to unhealthy behaviors.  Sometimes that leads to excessive weight loss and sometimes to weight gain.  And when the trigger was activated, a person went from leading what might have been a healthy and more normal life to leading a very unhealthy life.  That unhealthy life is sustained by repeatedly reminding that person’s inner ED that they need to be different and that some look is either attractive or ugly.

Whatever triggered a person to want to look at thinspo blogs might have come from someone saying that a healthy-weight person or (even overweight) was ugly.  Or it may have been from someone saying that someone who was so skinny that they were near-death was beautiful.  Whatever it was, it may have started with a judgment about an image.

So, this disease gets glorified by tearing one person down because you don’t like the way that they look or by worshiping the visible rib bones on someone else.  It gets glorified and encouraged by the same things that can cause the bad self-thoughts to begin in the first place.  And then it becomes a truly vicious cycle.

This woman in this image is not ugly.  She does not look like a monster.  She doesn’t look bad at all.  She is beautiful.  And she looks happy and like she believes she is beautiful, and that is what should be glorified.  She looks like she accepts herself for who she is and not for what society wants her to be.  That is what should be adored.  That is the kind of thinking process that we need to get people back into.  We should respect everyone, but we should start with ourselves.

So, please do not vilify this woman for her appearance.  She is being the most beautiful person that she can be: herself.

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