this is absolutely disgusting she looks like a monster that they dressed up and took to the zoo.  orangutan boobs are flowing over a belt I do not get it.

that girl is fucking gorgeous. what the hell? those shoes make her legs look so good, her eyes are so pretty, she’s beautiful. YOU are disgusting. get the fuck off tumblr. 

leave pro-a-n-a alone. she is entitled to her own opinion. ana isnt something someone can control. it just takes ahold of them and she becomes a huge part of your life. dont bash it until you know what your talking about. im sorry if you think this is rude but pro-a-n-a has done nothing wrong and for you to call her disgusting is just pushing her backwards. its not fair for people to judge us and say that our comments are mean but that girl in the picture is clearly unhealthy

First of all, how do you justify pro-a-n-a calling this girl disgusting and then jump on people who get pissed off?  If pro-a-n-a is allowed to express her opinion about the girl in the picture, then people are allowed to express their opinions about her opinions.  She chose to share them.

Secondly, how can you judge the people who are opposed to pro-a-n-a’s bashing of this woman?  Since you’re defending her, I’m guessing that you have a weight-loss end of the spectrum ED, right? And that makes your life hard?  Well, how do you know that those of us who are upset don’t have some ED or other body image issue or other mental health issues in general?  I’m sure that the bashing of the this gorgeous person has offended people with issues relating to anxiety, people with body dysmorphic disorder, people with compulsive/binge eating disorder, people with depression, etc.  The comments added by pro-a-n-a are offensive to a lot of people who deal with issues related to their appearance every single day.

Third, are you a doctor?  You cannot say that this woman is unhealthy by looking at her picture.  You can’t just say something is wrong with her by looking at her.  You don’t have superpowers.  You can’t diagnose her like that.  And you shouldn’t judge her.  Judging her makes you no better than all these people that you’re pissed at.

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