I just saw a commercial that suggested that the economic problems of the country are at least partly the fault of ALL immigrants and that legal immigration should be lessened to help the economy.

Sure, it’s always THEM.  It’s never US.  Maybe part of the reason that there aren’t enough jobs is that Americans don’t work as hard or expect too much money or that they complain so much whenever you expect them to do anything ever.  Maybe part of the reason that the economy sucks is that there are so many politicians who refuse to do anything to help anyone but the super wealthy, which leads to nothing being done.  

If our politicians can’t work together, then the people in this country won’t be getting back to work.  Businesses are not going to feel confident in a workforce that elected a government that bickers like worse than children.

BTW – If we had fewer immigrants in the country, it wouldn’t make the economy of the US better.  The jobs still wouldn’t be there for these folks.  The jobs would leave the country, too.  

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