Perspective, you need some

(The first statement was already mentioned by me on here, but I’m going to mention it again, to give some idea of what is being discussed.)
Me: Yay. $485 per month will be so nice compared to the less than $470 I get now. For some folks – You may now go back to your complaining about any suggestion of increasing the taxes on those making over $250k/year (or $20833/month). For others – Maybe we can do a happy dance now.
Alan: I don’t think its fair to raise taxes on people who make more money…….
Me: And I don’t think its fair to suggest taking away more money from programs that give away “so much money” yet keep people so far below the poverty line that they can barely survive and then bellyache about how hard it is to survive on over $20k a month. I am sick of seeing people complain about how hard it is to survive on so much money, but they don’t even think about what they suggest other people have to get by on.
(Alan is the same regular from my area [and that I went to school with] that justifies everything ignorant.)

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