Someone tell me this is a joke.

I hate this state.

This was probably made by members of the Democratic Party within the state.  I found it on the Facebook profile of my (somewhat distant) cousin, who is a big Democrat.  If it wasn’t by a Democrat, then it was by a non-Republican who is pissed off about HB 56, which was mainly passed to get rid of the Hispanics, who are often called “damn foreigners” around here and politicians love to vilify foreigners.

The image illustrates all the foreign companies and (in the case of the man-Wernher von Braun) inventors/scientists that regularly contribute to the economy of Alabama.  It shows just what would happen if we really got rid of many of the foreigners and foreign companies that make up the state.

It’s a way to show that the state’s law is, essentially, a racist law.  And the party that supported, called for, and passed the law, aka the Republican party, doesn’t support the state as much as it says it does.  

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