Oh My Glee!

I love Glee.  This is something that should be pretty evident if you look at my last.fm, my tumblr(s)(es), and my getglue accounts.  If you don’t look at them, though, you might not know.

There are some things that I adore about the show:

  • There’s a lot of diversity (racial, religious, sexual orientation) in the cast.
  • There are a lot of hard issues/hot button topics discussed.
  • There’s a hell of a lot of talent.

There are something that I don’t adore:

  • The repetition of so many storylines. (How many times will Rachel put being a star before her friends?  How many times will Sue be out to end the Glee club before becoming a softy and start loving them?  How many times will we get reminded that Rachel and Mercedes are supposed to the be best female singers and will thus have to do another diva-off? [Naya’s got a great voice.  Jenna’s got a great voice.  Dianna’s got a great voice.  Heather’s got a great voice.  They’ve {generally} gotten fewer solos or recognition as true talents.])
  • The lack of exploration of the reasons behind some of the storylines.  (i.e. Oh, Santana is a lesbian, which makes her feel different and that makes her bitchy, but why does she feel that bitchy is more acceptable than being herself? or Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel have naivetes when it comes to relationships, which could be explained better.)
  • The lack of true development of some characters.  (Quinn has been through a hell of a lot, but we got nothing in terms of development from last season.  This season her whole “getting her daughter back” premise seems like something that an uninformed or unintelligent girl would do.  Her move is not really something I would expect from her.)
  • Giving certain songs to certain characters, even though sometimes it seems unoriginal to give that character that song.  Sometimes the best song for someone is a song that you wouldn’t associate with them.
  • Talking about trying to break boundaries, but not always breaking them.  Why did Kurt have to try out for the role of Tony in West Side Story?  His voice is more within the SSA range than SATB, so why give suggest that you might give a Tenor role to someone who you generally treat as a more feminine character?  Yeah, it’s more socially acceptable to cast the roles in their traditional genders, but why couldn’t he have tried out for Maria or Anita?  I mean, he would have been a damn good Maria or Anita.  Why not challenge the idea that you have to have certain genitalia in order to portray certain characters?  Break the gender boundaries completely.

Things I think would be interesting to explore, but I haven’t mentioned:

  • Is Mercedes in an abusive relationship?  Shane isolates Mercedes from her friends.  He tells her that she is better than them and that they’re all her enemies.  This gets her to only trust him.  He tells her that she needs to do certain things to become a star.  This allows him a level of control over her life.  His tone during her Maria diva-off was just very negative.  Even though he was showing support, it was a very negative support.  The kind of behavior he exhibited seemed like the beginnings of a very dangerous relationship.
  • What does Rachel really feel about Shelby? First, this is a woman who gave her up.  She could have tried to be in her life, but she chose not to do so.  Then, she decides that she does want in Rachel’s life, but instead of waiting 2 years or finding a decent way to introduce herself (without violating the adoption agreement), she has Jesse enter Rachel’s life.  She sits back and lets him seduce her daughter (even if that wasn’t the plan, she could have stopped him), then break her daughter’s heart and humiliate her.  Meanwhile, she tells Rachel that she doesn’t really want a teenager and tries to exit her life again.  After she adopts the child of a semi-enemy of Rachel and a semi-ex-love interest of Rachel, she leaves town, but a year later returns…with no notice.  She shows up at her daughter’s school and she starts trying to suggest songs and roles and things for her, even though she didn’t want a teenager and she doesn’t care enough to contact her.  There has got to be a lot of resentment that hasn’t actually been explored but that would provide a good portion of a story arc.
  • Why is it that Finn is shown being close to Burt because he lost his dad and needs a father figure, but there isn’t the same closeness shown between Kurt and Carole?  They need time together.  He needs a mom just as much as Finn needed a dad.
  • We don’t hear about Tina’s family.  We don’t hear about Tina’s background.  Why can they not develop her more?
  • Give Beiste a boyfriend.  I cry whenever I see her scene in Never Been Kissed about how she’s never been kissed and never felt attractive.  For all of us who have that level of insecurity and that level of wondering if love can even exist, then there needs to be a happy relationship for her.  She needs to give us hope.
  • Give Brittany an IQ test and show that she’s got a genius level IQ.  This was sort of done, not in that exact way but in a similar one, during the episode A Night of Neglect.  She is extremely insightful and sometimes has the smartest lines. 

I guess that’s all for now…

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