Noises and Kisses: I’m so very tired of this Pro-Mercedes Anti-Rachel shit on my dash.


Why does it have to be one over the other? I’ll be the first to say that I’ve never really liked Mercedes at all. But that’s because she’s lazy. and no, I don’t just think that because of Jesse St. James saying. The proof is in every single episode. She always says she wants to be a star, wants to…

I would love for you to point out to me in every episode where it shows Mercedes being lazy. We hardly even see her, how do know what she does in her free time. It has been stated that Mercedes helps with the costumes. She has also done tons of performances that required a lot of dancing. How do you think she was able to execute those WITHOUT practicing? To say Mercedes is lazy because we don’t see her practicing, would then have to be said about EVERY other person in glee, besides Rachel. How many times have we seen Tina, Quinn, Puck, Artie, Finn, hell even Kurt practice?? I would appreciate if you wanted to state reasons to dislike her that you at least back them up with actual facts. Not random shit that only proves you have no idea what you are talking about. So how about you keep your completely biased opinions out of our tag…..thank you 

Point me to an episode where she not being lazy and taking initiative? Prime example is the Girls vs Boys first mash up. Vitiman D. Go watch it again. Rachel was the ONLY one that took the initiative in that. Mercedes made the costumes? Rachel suggested it. Brittany did the choreography. Rachel picked the songs. No one else even offered suggestions but Mercedes was quick to say that THEY chose the songs even though Rachel pointed out that she’s the one that picked it.

Mercedes can’t dance. Watch any episode and she sways more than she dances. Being bigger has NOTHING to do with it. Quinn danced her ass off being preggo. Mercedes has no excuse not to put her heart and soul in to the dancing because it’s just as important.

I agree.

Mercedes is lazy.

She doesn’t practice her songs before she does them.  As someone who did choir and voice lessons in middle and high school, I can tell you that that alone will earn you scorn from a coach or a director.  Knowing the songs isn’t enough.  You have to practice them.  You have to perfect them.  You have to work at them, or you run the risk of screwing up a solo or messing up an entire choir.

She doesn’t generally dance.  If they want to make her less of a dancer in the group, then give her some reason other than her size for it.  Don’t just make her a background player, because you can’t have a character who wants to flaunt her diva-ness standing in the background.  You either have to make her dance or you have to force her into a role of background/chorus person.  You can either be a star or you can go unknown.  

And I agree that being bigger doesn’t keep someone from dancing.  I have been fat pretty much my whole life.  I also danced regularly as a child.  I only gave up dancing because of other physical limitations and inability to fit dance in with an education.  (And my parents will attest that I tried to justify quitting school in sixth grade just so that I could go to dance classes.  My orthopedist who had to order physical therapy for arthritis in my knees and had to cast my broken feet 3 times in 4 years will also attest to my wanting to dance more than keep my body from breaking.)  So, unless they want to show that Mercedes has an actual reason for not dancing, then she needs to get over her hesitance and actually get out there and dance.

Wait, she doesn’t dance? Really, now? “Can’t Touch This?” was somehow a fluke, huh? Oh, and “River Deep, Mountain High” doesn’t count? And how exactly do you know she doesn’t practice? Is that canon? Really? Oh, okay……………..

I’m guessing that since you remember everything Mercedes that you might remember something where Jesse asks her if she practiced “Try a Little Tenderness” and she said she didn’t need practice.  Even if you rock a song, you still need practice.

Name one performance at Sectionals, Regionals, or Nationals where Mercedes is showcased for her dancing.  You can’t.  She hasn’t been.  She doesn’t actually dance when it counts.  If you don’t fight to be in the front row on a regular basis, then you don’t get showcased.  If you’re not showcased, then you’re not the star. 

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