Noises and Kisses: I’m so very tired of this Pro-Mercedes Anti-Rachel shit on my dash.


Why does it have to be one over the other? I’ll be the first to say that I’ve never really liked Mercedes at all. But that’s because she’s lazy. and no, I don’t just think that because of Jesse St. James saying. The proof is in every single episode. She always says she wants to be a star, wants to…

I would love for you to point out to me in every episode where it shows Mercedes being lazy. We hardly even see her, how do know what she does in her free time. It has been stated that Mercedes helps with the costumes. She has also done tons of performances that required a lot of dancing. How do you think she was able to execute those WITHOUT practicing? To say Mercedes is lazy because we don’t see her practicing, would then have to be said about EVERY other person in glee, besides Rachel. How many times have we seen Tina, Quinn, Puck, Artie, Finn, hell even Kurt practice?? I would appreciate if you wanted to state reasons to dislike her that you at least back them up with actual facts. Not random shit that only proves you have no idea what you are talking about. So how about you keep your completely biased opinions out of our tag…..thank you 

Point me to an episode where she not being lazy and taking initiative? Prime example is the Girls vs Boys first mash up. Vitiman D. Go watch it again. Rachel was the ONLY one that took the initiative in that. Mercedes made the costumes? Rachel suggested it. Brittany did the choreography. Rachel picked the songs. No one else even offered suggestions but Mercedes was quick to say that THEY chose the songs even though Rachel pointed out that she’s the one that picked it.

Mercedes can’t dance. Watch any episode and she sways more than she dances. Being bigger has NOTHING to do with it. Quinn danced her ass off being preggo. Mercedes has no excuse not to put her heart and soul in to the dancing because it’s just as important.

First of all – Rachel’s the leader; she’s supposed to lead… Second of –


[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

And this is just a sample.

I just wanna add that Quinn’s preggo dancing was ridiculous. It’s not that Quinn was being not-lazy while dancing, it’s that she was being not-pregnant.

River Deep – upper body dancing mainly, and no real effort put into the steps.  (They aren’t even that difficult of steps.)

U Can’t Touch This – Upper body again.  And if you grew up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, then you probably can do the dance.

Bust Your Windows – don’t even use this as an example of dancing.  This is the kind of dancing that some pop stars try to use to get dancing cred.  This is rhythmic moving.  Guess what?  Most people can move to a beat.  Now you see what is going on in the background?  THAT is dancing.  This being used as a pro justification is ridiculous.  (And I would say that if this were any other character on the show.  I would also say it if it were any pop/dance/r&b star.)

Born This Way – again simple dancing

Halo/Walking on Sunshine – also simple dancing.  

She is never shown putting as much effort into any step as any of the other regular girls.  I think there’s a chance that Amber Riley can probably dance really well, but for some reason Mercedes ends up looking lazy and sloppy.  That is not me as a Rachel fan speaking.  That’s me as someone who had to deal with crazy dance and choir teachers during her youth.  

I adore Amber’s voice and I think she’s talented, but Mercedes is not a character that I generally enjoy.

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