I remember not knowing what ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ meant until I was like 12. I literally was told that a lesbian ‘liked books’ and ‘gay’ meant ‘they’re happy.’ I think that how it is in most conservative town households. I think the first time it ever came to my knowledge was ‘Ellen,’ was her sitcom, ‘cause I remember her (coming out.) That, and then I think it kinda took off from there. Then there was Will&Grace.

But I think that’s probably why I’m so proud of Kurt because…there are others, of course, before Kurt, but…I’d say 90% of all gay characters that were ever on TV were the punchline or the punching bag. And you never got to walk with the gay character and grow with them.

Chris Colfer, New Yorker Festival Oct. 1, 2011 (x)

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