These ladies are trying way too hard…I’m actually kind of disappointed in them for trying to imitate Gaga. Not just because it doesn’t suit them (except maybe Nicki Minaj), but because they should be securing their own identities, not leeching on hers. I don’t think Lady Gaga is the epitome of all that is pop music, but she has her own style and she goes for it 120%. I thought I could say the same for these other ladies, but I guess I was wrong.

Uhm no. Katy Perry is the only one really copying. Remember the Stronger Video by Christina? Totally Pre-Gaga. Disturbia video by Rihanna? Pre-Gaga. Half of Destiny’s Child’s videos and Check Up On It by Beyonce? Pre-Gaga. Nikki Minaj’s split personality? Pre-Gaga. I like Gaga and all, but she is not that special. Folks were doing big things before her, and they will do big things after her.

ALSO all these people keep trying to talk about how everyone is stealing from Gaga, but Gaga is blantantly ripping off other people. On her first album, she was some sort of crazy space woman with a lightning bolt on her face a la David Bowie (who is the shit), and in her Alejandro video, she has that ridiculous cone bra a la Madonna (who is okay, she’s never really been my type). Gaga, for all her interesting weirdness, isn’t the most original thing ever and her stans need to calm their asses down.

Also can she please STOP trying to piggy-back her fame on gay rights? I use to appreciate it, but now I’m starting to feel as if she’s using her stance on gay rights as a prop like she would her giant glasses, meat dress and mouse ears. It’s like she keeps it in a closet and pulls it out because it goes well with her shoulder pads. WTF?

People literally forget the early aughts, don’t they? Let me remind you…..

And for good measure…….

Like I said, I’m convinced that a good chunk of Little Monsters have no concept of history and/or time. Is it really so difficult to Google? Apparently.

WELL. If we want to talk about copying people here.

Lady Gaga (Present):

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust (1972):

So let’s not do that.

If you look at the “before” and “after” pictures, you might note that a lot of the after ones are photoshoots.  Those photoshoots are done with the same photographers that *gasp* photograph Gaga.  Honestly, this whole idea that Lady Gaga is completely original is kind of funny.

If you take the outfits, makeup, styles, and tendency toward the outlandish from the following artists, you might notice that Gaga isn’t really that different from past musicians:

  • Elton John
  • Queen
  • David Bowie
  • Madonna
  • Michael Jackson
  • Culture Club
  • Little Richard (yeah, I’m serious there)
  • anyone who was in the Glam Rock genre that I didn’t mention in the previous bullets

I think that Gaga is talented and all, but people really need to take a deeper look at pop culture.  She’s not really all that different.  Even her music sounds like a combination of those artists that I mentioned.  And it makes sense that that would be the case, because if you listen to her interviews, she makes it very clear that she makes herself into an outlandish spectacle because that’s the kind of artist that grabs the attention.  It is a formula that sells, and that is what she is doing.  She is giving society what they want, and they want more of the same wacky clothing, odd accessories, crazy ass makeup, and synthesized music-making that they’ve been asking for about forty years now.

If you look at her music pre-Gaga, then you’ll see that this is a woman who was talented at singing and songwriting, but she couldn’t really sell that music with a (rather) clean-cut image.  She realized what it would take to achieve her dreams, and that’s what she did.  She looked at what had worked for years and decided to do it to an extreme so that she could sell her music.

And if I can get really honest about the whole Stefani/Gaga thing: Personally, I find her old music charming.  I find her more impressive in interviews when she has less makeup on and isn’t just trying to be this superhuman force.  The only thing that I like about the Gaga image is that it makes really neat looking graphics.  Otherwise, I would rather her just be herself.

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